Yes, the Recovery Act is working

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CNN runs a fine-toothed comb through the McCain/Coburn Stimulus Checkup and discovers these two senators aren’t on the mark with their claims that the Recovery Act is wasteful.
As Carl Greene, executive director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority, told ABC:
Without the stimulus money, 3,000 less people would have the opportunity to work.

The Recovery Act funding by USDA

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The names of the 44 beneficiaries to get more than $4 million in the form of grants have been announced by the USDA last week. The fund will be used to create new job opportunities and to expand the existing business set up among the rural business communities. The amount has been given by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to enable the business community to access the most important capital funds to help start the new ventures and facilitate the working capital loans, provide money for renovations, improve transport conditions. It will also help to reinvent the planning process for the projects and to meet the other regular needs of any business.
The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute from Crookston, Minnesota has been granted a sum of $99,000/- to be used to give technical assistance to small and emerging businesses in the biomass processing industry. It is spread across seven rural counties and plays an important role in the revenue of the city. Speaking about the new grant, Colleen Landkamer, State Director of Rural Development for Minnesota said that the grant funding will have a positive impact on the main street business in rural Minnesota.
In Nobles County, the city of Adrian will be given $99,999/- for setting up a revolving loan. The fund will provide assistance to the small and upcoming business establishments.

Recovery Act

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Kentucky, Illinois, Minnesota and Utah State Governments made the most dramatic progress in reporting their federal economic stimulus spending online in the last six months, according to a new report from the Good Jobs First nonprofit research group.
The research group reviewed state Web sites that reported American Recovery and Reinvestment Act spending and graded them from 1 to 100. About $200 billion from the economic stimulus law was distributed to states.
Congress and the Obama administration approved $787 billion in stimulus allocations a year ago to boost the economy; a portion of the money went for information-technology projects, including energy smart grids, broadband development and health IT.