New Zodiac Signs 2011

Posted on Jan 14 by Tatiana under

What happened over night? It seems that the astronomers have noticed some changes going on in the heavens. These changes did not happen over night however. The new zodiac signs 2011 are a big surprise to many people.
With the new Zodiac signs 2011 this has many people confused. Where did the sign come from? What is this going to do to our horoscope and more questions are coming. People claim that the new Zodiac signs 2011 aren’t going to complicate anything.
Ophiuchus didn’t come out of no where. It was around since the beginning too but the Babylonians wanted to have 12 signs and not 13. NBC says that this is not going to change the horoscope reading. How can’t the new zodiac signs 2011 help but do anything but change the way people read their horoscope?

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