Miss America 2011: Miss Arkansas Alyse Eady's amazing yodeling ventriloquism act

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Miss Nebraska Teresa Scanlan may have been crowned Miss American 2011, but the girl who really blew us away was Miss Arkansas Alyse Eady. She did a singing/yodeling ventriloquist act to “I Wanna Be a Cowboy Sweetheart” and it was quite possibly the best thing we’ve ever seen.
Some fun thoughts about Miss Arkansas:
Bsideblog says: “Miss Arkansas blew my mind” and “Fingers crossed that the ventriloquist wins.”
Writer Mark Lisanti says: “Miss Arkansas’ talent is VENTRILOQUIST YODEL-SINGING. F*** this pageant, elect her Emperor.”
Our boyfriend says, “I could watch that every morning and be like, ‘Yeah, let’s go!’”
We’re very happy for Teresa Scanlan, but we think Miss Arkansas Alyse Eady was robbed just a little bit.
UPDATE: We have since discovered via YouTube that Ms. Eady performed her yodeling ventriloquist act at the 2007 Miss America competition (must have been a preliminary night) while she was Miss Teen Arkansas. But she did it and included clog dancing (fast forward to the 2-minute mark). Alyse Eady wins the interwebs tonight.

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