Miss America 2011: A Toast to the Cornhusker State

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Cornhuskers everywhere will want to ring in midnight with a toast of family-friendly “Cornhusker Champagne” (recipe below). For the first time in history, their state took home a win for the Miss American pageant.
With plans study American politics at Patrick Henry College in Virginia and become a judge after earning her degree, 17-year old Teresa Scanlan, the representative from Nebraska took home the $50,000 Miss America scholarship tonight. Scanlan made marks during the competition as she played “White Water Chopped Sticks” on the piano, strutted her stuff on a black bikini, and offered a passionate response on the topic of Wikileaks security.
Also crowned tonight were first runner-up, Alyse Eady (Miss Arkansas), and Miss Hawaii Jalee Fuselier took second runner-up.
Whether or not your state was crowned a winner tonight, celebrate the fun with this All-American, non-alcholic “Cornhusker Champagne” aka, a down-home delicious Cream Soda Float.
2 liters cream soda
1 teaspoon vanilla ice cream Pour half a glass full of cream soda. Scoop spoonfuls of ice cream into the cup until full. Serve with a spoon and straw. Enjoy!
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