Steve Phillips’ Today Show Appearance: “I’m working my tail off to save my marriage”

Posted on Feb 8 by Tatiana under

Steve Phillips went on the Today Show to talk about his 45-day stint in sex rehab. Phillips, a television pro, dominated the interview and wouldn’t let Matt Lauer pin him down on any dirty sex rehab specifics. It was a masterful job by Phillips. Among the highlights:

  • Phillips has been “allowed back home” by his wife (this according to Lauer; Phillips would only say he’s “working his tail off to save his marriage” and that they went to therapy together and he doesn’t know “what the ultimate result will be.”
  • Phillips admitted he “had a real problem” and claims he was “calling facilities in August” well before the story broke. There’s no way for anyone to prove that short of pulling phone records – a nice move by Philips. “I was going to get help, I knew I needed it.”
  • To his credit, Phillips didn’t duck anything: “I want to take ownership – I made some mistakes. I’m fully responsible for everything I did.” [Roger Clemens should have used this line a long, long time ago.]
  • Phillips has not spoken to Brooke Hundley (who, in a video that looks as if it were culled from Facebook, appears to have lost considerable weight. She says to whomever is filming – a friend? TMZ? – “I was 22. I made some mistakes. If I could take them back, I would, OK?”)
  • Lauer dropped a bit of a surprise when he said that Phillips had previously been to a sex clinic, but Phillips quickly corrected him and said he “got some local therapy” but didn’t get into a program back in 1998 when he was GM of the New York Mets.

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