Apple iPad Tablet Announced: Full Information

Posted on Jan 28 by Tatiana under

During its launch there was more silence than applause for the Apple product that should be called as super gadget. Steve Jobs had commented on it as being better than laptop and a smart phone. But without flash it does not fulfill the promise of being better than laptop and a smart phone. After the launch of this iPad the market was so much disappointed that its share frequently fell down. The disappointment of the people is also related to the fact that AT&T is the sole 3G carrier for the iPad.
Following are the features that are missing in the iPad due to which it gained so much disappointment.

  • iPad USB ports – USB ports in this iPad are absent, so a person can’t plug in his USB drive to transfer photos to it.
  • iPad Flash – As Apple won’t approve Flash player so no flash support is present there.
  • iPad Multi-tasking – Multi-tasking is unacceptable for a Tablet having a starting price-point of $499 so it is not present in it.
  • iPad Camera – No camera is present on the front or back of the iPad.

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